Going around the Grand Line once is what happens in reality!

  1. Going around the Grand Line
    1. Reverse Mountain
    2. Twin Cape
    3. Whiskey Peak
    4. Little Garden(1)The mountain in the center
    5. Little Garden(2)Dinosaur
    6. Little Garden(3)The Giants’ Houses
    7. Drum Kingdom(1)Cocoa Weed
    8. Drum Kingdom(2)Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms
    9. Summary so far【North American continent】
    10. Alabasta(1)Yuba Oasis
    11. Alabasta(2)The capital of Alubarna
    12. Alabasta(3)Tomb of the Kings ”The surface”
    13. Alabasta(4)Tomb of the Kings “The underground chamber”
    14. Alabasta(4)The Port of Farewell
    15. Summary so far【The North African continent】
    16. Jaya(west side)mock town
    17. Jaya(east side)Cricket’s house
    18. Summary so far【Southeast Asia】
    19. skypier(1)beach
    20. skypier(2)Remains
    21. long ring long land(1)prairie
    22. long ring long land(2)frozen sea
    23. Water 7
    24. Summary so far【Eurasia】
    25. Thriller Bark
    26. Sabaody Archipelago
    27. Summary so far【North Atlantic】
    28. The seabed
    29. Fish-Man Island(1)Mermaid Cove
    30. Fish-Man Island(2)The Ryugu Palace
    31. Summary so far【crossing the North Pacific】
  2. The New World
    1. Punk Hazard
    2. Dressrosa(1)A building with a checkered roof
    3. Dressrosa(2)Corrida Colosseum
    4. Summary so far【crossing the Eurasian continent】
    5. Zou(1)castle gate
    6. Zou(2)mural
    7. Zou(3)Kurau City
    8. Zou(4)Whale Tree
    9. Summary so far【Middle East】
    10. Zou(5)The residential area of the Mink Tribe
    11. Wano Country
    12. Summary so far【Southeast Asia】
  3. Retrieve Sanji
    1. Whole Cake Island・Chocolatown
    2. Germa Kingdom
    3. Summary so far【ヨーロッパ】
  4. The final chapter
    1. Egghead(1)Frontier Dome
    2. Egghead(2)Vega Force One
  5. Going around the Grand Line
    1. 全記事サイトマップ

Going around the Grand Line

現実の航路 グランドライン突入
source: ONE PIECE by Eiichiro Oda

In One Piece, the islands that appear often have real-world countries as their inspiration.

When you expand the world map and connect the countries that served as models, it creates a single route.

Reverse Mountain

現実の航路 リヴァースマウンテン
NamePanama Canal
LocationRepublic of Panama
Feature 1A location surrounded by the North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, and South Atlantic oceans.
Feature 2Climbing a mountain by using a series of water locks to cross a continent.

Twin Cape

現実の航路 双子岬
NameThe lighthouse on Thatcher Island
LocationUnited States, Massachusetts
Feature 1A lighthouse that warns of a ‘dangerous waters’ due to its shallow, shipwreck-prone shoals.
Feature 2The nearby waters are famous tourist attractions for whale watching.

Whiskey Peak

現実の航路 ウイスキーピーク
NameTaos Pueblo
LocationUnited States, New Mexico
Feature 1A village inhabited by the Native American Pueblo people for over a thousand years
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Little Garden(1)The mountain in the center

現実の航路 リトルガーデン 真ん中山
NameTaos Pueblo
LocationLocated in the United States, spanning across Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming
Feature 1There is an enormous magma chamber underground that, if erupted, could change the shape of the Earth
AttributeWorld Natural Heritage

Little Garden(2)Dinosaur

現実の航路 リトルガーデン 恐竜
NameDinosaur Provincial Park
LocationCanada, Alberta Province
Feature 1There is the world’s largest dinosaur fossil bed, surrounded by several dinosaur museums
AttributeWorld Natural Heritage

Little Garden(3)The Giants’ Houses

現実の航路 リトルガーデン 巨人の家
NameL’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site
LocationCanada, Newfoundland and Labrador Province
Feature 1Archaeological evidence of Viking seafarers from the 11th century settling in North America, known as Vinland
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Drum Kingdom(1)Cocoa Weed

現実の航路 ドラム王国 ココアウィード
NameBanff National Park
LocationCanada, Alberta Province
Feature 1A bustling inn town frequented by people climbing the Canadian Rockies
AttributeWorld Natural Heritage

Drum Kingdom(2)Hiluluk’s Cherry Blossoms

現実の航路 ドラム王国 桜
NameQueen Elizabeth Park
LocationCanada, British Columbia Province
Feature 1The park where cherry trees, donated as a symbol of enduring friendship between Japan and Canada after World War I, are in bloom

Summary so far【North American continent】

現実の航路 北アメリカ大陸 縦断 横断

The orange lines connected represent the route taken so far.

Starting from the Panama Canal, traveling north through the North American continent, crossing it both horizontally and vertically, and eventually reaching Canada.

Next is the Alabasta arc.

Alabasta(1)Yuba Oasis

現実の航路 アラバスタ
NameSiwa Oasis
LocationEgypt, Arab Republic
Feature 1The origin of “Siwa” comes from the Berber language and means “sacrificial bird” or “guardian of the sun god Ra.
AttributeWorld Agricultural Heritage

It is possible that the character of Pelle, who fell victim to a bomb, was inspired by the origin of “Siwa” from the Berber language, which means “sacrificial bird” or “guardian of the sun god Ra.”

ペル 犠牲の鳥
source: ONE PIECE by Eiichiro Oda

Alabasta(2)The capital of Alubarna

現実の航路 アラバスタ
NameAbu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque
LocationEgyptian mosque in the city of Alexandria
Feature 1It is dedicated to the 13th century Murcian Andalusi Sufi saint Abul Abbas al-Mursi, whose tomb it contains.

Alabasta(3)Tomb of the Kings ”The surface”

現実の航路 アラバスタ
NameNubian Monuments from Abu Simbel to Philae
LocationEgypt, Arab Republic, Aswan
Feature 1Adjacent to it is the Small Temple constructed for Queen Nefertari, the wife of Pharaoh Ramses II, the 19th dynasty pharaoh.
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Alabasta(4)Tomb of the Kings “The underground chamber”

現実の航路 アラバスタ
NameAncient Thebes with its Necropolis
LocationEgypt, Arab Republic, Luxor
Feature 1The burial site where the tomb of Tutankhamun was excavated
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Alabasta(4)The Port of Farewell

現実の航路 アラバスタ
NamePort of Muscat
LocationSultanate of Oman
Feature 1Until the Middle Ages, it served as a crucial supply point for sailors and was used for crew adjustments

Summary so far【The North African continent】

現実の航路 アラバスタ

(The orange line)

Crossing and traversing Egypt, then heading to the Red Sea and making a stop in Oman.

A route along the coastline heading towards India.

“This is the exact same route as the explorers during the Age of Exploration took.”

Indeed, Oda-sensei is truly remarkable!

Next is the Skypiea arc.

Jaya(west side)mock town

現実の航路 ジャヤ 
Name Sam Poo Kong Temple
LocationJava Island, Indonesia
Feature 1A temple dedicated to the navigator Teiwa, who achieved extensive maritime voyages from China to Africa around the 13th century.

Jaya(east side)Cricket’s house

現実の航路 ジャヤ 
NameAn-Nur Great Mosque in Pekanbaru
LocationSumatra Island, Indonesia
Feature 1One of the mosques in Islam that means “Mosque of the Radiant Light.”

Summary so far【Southeast Asia】

現実の航路 東南アジア

(The orange line)

After Oman, I arrived in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is famous for fossil discoveries of hominids like the Java Man.

In that case, it’s The Saruyama Alliance !
(literally meaning “Monkey Mountain Alliance”) 

The largest volcanic eruption in the history of human observation, the Tambora volcanic eruption, also occurred in Indonesia.

In that case, it’s Knock-upstream!

Indeed, Oda-sensei is truly remarkable!


現実の航路 スカイピア
NameSihanoukville Resort
LocationKingdom of Cambodia, Sihanoukville
Feature 1Luxury resort destination popular with European vacationers


現実の航路 スカイピア
LocationKingdom of Cambodia, Siem Reap Province
Feature 1ruins encroached by plant roots
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

long ring long land(1)prairie

現実の航路 ロングリングロングランド
Feature 1The nomadic people live alongside horses

long ring long land(2)frozen sea

現実の航路 ロングリングロングランド
NameUvs Nuur Basin
Locationmongolia,Uvs Province
Feature 1It’s a lake, but it has a high salt concentration, and it is believed to have been a sea in the past
AttributeWorld Natural Heritage

Water 7

現実の航路 ウォーターセブン
NameBasilica di San Marco
LocationVeneto Region, Italian Republic
Feature 1The most famous cathedral in Venice, dedicated to the evangelist Mark.
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Summary so far【Eurasia】

現実の航路 ユーラシア大陸

(An orange line that starts from the bottom right)

Journeying from Cambodia to Mongolia vertically.

Crossing the continent from Mongolia to Italy.

Next is the perilous sea.

Thriller Bark

現実の航路 スリラーバーク
NameHoly Trinity Cathedral
LocationImplying Bermuda
Feature 1It expresses the ‘Devil’s Triangle’ and the ‘Holy Trinity Cathedral’ as two sides of the same coin, representing both light and darkness in unity

Sabaody Archipelago

現実の航路 シャボンディ諸島
NameWalt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida
LocationFlorida State, United States
Feature 1“Florida not only has Disney but also attractions like Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Legoland, and a plethora of other theme parks.”

Summary so far【North Atlantic】

現実の航路 スリラーバーク

I started from the state of Massachusetts in the United States and was able to return all the way to Florida.

As you approach Mesoamerica, the narrative focuses on the sacred site of Marijoa.

That could imply that the model for the Red Line is Mesoamerica, yes.

Next, we will pass through the Red Line by traversing beneath the seabed.

The seabed

現実の航路 海底
NameTokyo DisneySea
LocationChiba Prefecture, Japan
Feature 1“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” is an underwater exploration attraction where adventurers are attacked by the deep-sea monster, the Kraken.

Fish-Man Island(1)Mermaid Cove

Going around the Grand Line
NameTokyo DisneySea
LocationChiba Prefecture, Japan
Feature 1The Mermaid Lagoon in DisneySea is just like the Mermaid Cove on Fish-Man Island.

Fish-Man Island(2)The Ryugu Palace

現実の航路 魚人島
NameTemple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing
LocationBeijing, People’s Republic of China
Feature 1imperial sacrificial temple where Chinese emperors offered prayers to heaven
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Summary so far【crossing the North Pacific】

現実の航路 海底 魚人島

Leaving Disney World in Florida and connecting it to an attraction at Tokyo DisneySea – an interesting concept!

With this, you’ve warped across the North Pacific!

Next, it’s time to venture into the New World!


The New World

現実の航路 新世界 突入  クジラ
source: ONE PIECE by Eiichiro Oda

Both in the first half of the sea and in the New World, the adventures begin with the send-off of whales, sharing this common theme.

Punk Hazard

現実の航路 パンクハザード
NameXinjiang Tianshan
LocationXinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China
Feature 1It is rumored that over three million Uyghur people are currently subjected to discrimination, including unpaid forced labor and alleged inhumane human experiments.
AttributeWorld Natural Heritage

Dressrosa(1)A building with a checkered roof

現実の航路 ドレスローザ
NamePark Guell
LocationBarcelona, Kingdom of Spain
Feature 1There are buildings with checkered roofs and structures resembling the king’s domain.
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Dressrosa(2)Corrida Colosseum

現実の航路 ドレスローザ
LocationRome, Italian Republic
Feature 1Oval amphitheater in the center of the city of Rome, Italy
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Summary so far【crossing the Eurasian continent】

現実の航路 パンクハザード ドレスローザ

“I believe Dressrosa was modeled after the countries around the Mediterranean during the Roman Republic era.”

Next is the country on the back of Zou.

Zou(1)castle gate

現実の航路 ゾウの門
NameOld City of Sana’a
LocationSana’a, Republic of Yemen
Feature 1Originally, it was a city gate built to encircle the urban area, but now only one remains.
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage


現実の航路 ゾウの門
NameNaqsh-e Rostam
LocationFars Province, Iran
Feature 1It features reliefs from various historical Persian Empire eras
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Zou(3)Kurau City

現実の航路 ゾウ 首都 クラウ都
NameArg-e Bam
LocationKerman Province, Iran
Feature 1Irrigation facilities using underground aqueducts typical of arid regions. Water supply.
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Zou(4)Whale Tree

現実の航路 ゾウ クジラの樹
Namedragon’s blood tree
LocationSocotra Island, Yemen
Feature 1The red resin that can only be obtained from the dragon’s blood tree on Socotra Island is very expensive.
AttributeWorld Natural Heritage

Summary so far【Middle East】

現実の航路 ゾウ

The green line

I believe Zou is modeled after the Parthian dynasty, an ancient Iranian kingdom that was a rival to the Roman Empire.

The highly valuable red resin that can only be obtained from the dragon’s blood tree on Socotra Island.

Red-Nosed Poneglyph

Eiichiro Oda gathers inspiration by encompassing information from all aspects of the world.

Now, the country on the back of the elephant, Zou, continues.

Zou(5)The residential area of the Mink Tribe

現実の航路 ミンク族の居住区
NamePagaruyung Kingdom
LocationIndonesia’s Sumatra Island
Feature 1Former kingdom on the island of Sumatra and home of the Minangkabau kings of West Sumatra

Wano Country

現実の航路 ワノ国
NameVarious tourist destinations in Japan
LocationAll over Japan
Feature 1Kaidou’s techniques are named after the national treasures of Kyoto’s Toji Temple, known as the “Five Great Myo-o.”

Summary so far【Southeast Asia】

現実の航路 ゾウ ワノ国

Finally, all the routes to Wano Country have been connected.

I plan to upload an image that shows all the routes at a glance as the very last step.

Next is the route to retrieve Sanji.


Retrieve Sanji

現実の航路 サンジ奪還
source: ONE PIECE by Eiichiro Oda

Sanji is a symbol of France.
Pudding is a symbol of Belgium.

“The Belfries of Belgium and France” is quite literally a UNESCO World Heritage Site that spans two countries.

When it comes to bells, we think of wedding bells.

There are 56 belfries registered as World Heritage Sites.

The number 56 is associated with wordplay related to rubber in Japanese.

It’s a thoroughly calculated and well-crafted story.

Whole Cake Island・Chocolatown

現実の航路 ホールケーキアイランド
NameBelfries of Belgium and France
LocationBelgium and France
Feature 1A bell tower with an acorn-like shape is located on top of the roof.
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Germa Kingdom

現実の航路 ジェルマ王国
NameCologne Cathedral
LocationNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Feature 1Famous cathedral in Cologne, Germany
AttributeWorld Cultural Heritage

Summary so far【ヨーロッパ】

現実の航路 サンジ奪還ルート

Big Mom shares many similarities with Maria Theresa, so I consider Whole Cake Island to be modeled after the Habsburg Empire era.

Now, we’re entering the final chapter.


The final chapter

現実の航路 最終章
source: ONE PIECE by Eiichiro Oda

“Kid, who sailed northeast after leaving Wano Country, arrived at Elbaf.”

Law, who sailed east, arrived at Wiener Island.

And Luffy, who headed southeast, arrived at Egghead.

It’s a place where the world’s cutting-edge technology converges, with Vega Force One’s landing base, and where hamburgers, potatoes, and cola are the main diet.

It appears to be that continent once again.

Egghead(1)Frontier Dome

現実の航路 エッグヘッド
NameApple headquarters
LocationThe United States, California, Silicon Valley
Feature 1The iconic Apple headquarters symbolizing Silicon Valley is circular in shape

Egghead(2)Vega Force One

現実の航路 エッグヘッド
NameJoint Base Andrews
LocationThe United States, Maryland
Feature 1The base for the President’s Air Force One, and the closest Air Force base to the capital, Washington D.C.

Going around the Grand Line

現実の航路 グランドライン
  • The orange line goes from Reverse Mountain to Sabaody Archipelago
  • “The green line represents the route taken two years later
  • The pink line shows the route taken when Sanji was retrieved

It’s evident that countries other than Egypt in Africa, South America, and Australia have not been depicted yet.

“Among the three continents, is one of them Laugh Tale?”

My map


ONE PIECE 公式漫画アプリ
ONE PIECE 公式漫画アプリ
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